Nutzungsbedingungen - Hispalcerámica

Conditions of use

We offer our customers, our sales conditions, for the purchasing in Hispalcerámica and meets all your expectations.

1. All shipments are insured against breakage and loss. If this happens, must be mentioned in the delivery order in case of breakages within 24 hours of receipt.

2. For shipping costs are not an issue, we work with five different transport companies to ensure the best and most economical in each shipment.

3. We ship worldwide

4. We tailor all our shipments to the packaging and documentation regulations of each country.

5. Delivery times will be agreed at the time of purchase depending on existing stock.

6. Durch die Handarbeit Natur unserer Produktion, können die endgültigen Farben nicht mit denen auf unserer Website angezeigt. Beachten Sie, dass nicht alle Monitore zeigen Bilder auf die gleiche Weise.